Future Products Found Today

We're Beilis Development - the most advanced cosmeceutical company in the world. At Beilis, we create and manufacture proprietary and exclusive technologies for personal care products that will offer your customers immediate and perceivable results previously unavailable without surgery or needles. The reason we are able to do the work we do is because we're right on the razor thin line between pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. It's a position that has allowed Beilis to become the first and only company of its kind anywhere in the world.

About The Founder

Beilis Development lab was established in 2001, by Gene Beilis. His lifelong goal is to develop products that offer a real benefit and can make a difference in people's lives. Beilis Development, is a visionary leader at meeting the product development needs of the expanding cosmeceutical market.


Beilis has multiple patented skin-care biotechnologies available along with the product formulation expertise to meet the product development requirements of a diverse skin care clientele.

Random Name

Microdermabrastion Stick

Delivers excellent exfoliating results comparable to dermatologist procedure.

Skin "polishing" micro-crystal stick guarantees safe, uniform application with better results than creams. Resurfaces the dermal layer for the next skin treatment. Restores youthful glow, while softening and smoothing away wrinkles and roughness.

Self Foaming Innovation


Striking visual effects and a unique sensory element combine in this extraordinary breakthrough technology.

The lightweight liquid liquid-cream creates an oxygenating fizz on contact allowing deeper penetration of treatment into dermal layers. Detoxifies, cleans and oxygenates skin simply and easily. "Self-Foaming" categories include: cleanser of acne and moisturizing mask.

Wrinkle Reducer Innovation

Wrinkle Reducer

On-the-spot cream instantly minimizes lines, evens out pores, and plumps up deep creases. Overtime, brings dramatic changes in skin tone and texture.

Can be fueled with actives and supplements specially selected for mature skin.


Let your next product be the big breakthrough.

Beilis Development is a full-service cosmetic technology provider with turnkey manufacturing capabilities. Beilis stands ready to meet your business needs from initial bench work R&D, (activities, delivery systems, final product formulation), all the way through to ready-for-the-shelf product manufacturing.

What sets Beilis apart is our approach to producing one-of-kind products for our customers. Instead of using the usual cosmetic suppliers and vendors, we source raw materials from outside the country. Our labs in both the US and Russia specialize in proprietary, instant bioactive peptides that boost the availability of active ingredients, so formulas work more efficiently. And, we offer customized patent protection formulas and technologies to clients of every size.